Shag Rugs — Floor Coverings That Will Improve Areas Within Your Home

Posted on: 2 April 2023

Shag rugs contain a thick pile. This type of floor covering can be used to accent furnishings or to provide a comfortable surface for children to play on. Use the guidelines below to shop for shag rugs that will make improvements within your home.

Shag Rug Styles

Shag rugs feature single fabric strands or loops. Wool, polypropylene, suede, leather, polyester, and cotton are some materials that shag rugs are made of. During the production of a shag rug, fabric strands or loops are hand- or machine-sewn into the backing material. The craftsmanship of a rug matters and will influence how well a particular floor covering will hold up.

A rug that features a deep pile will provide more cushioning than a shag rug with a shallow pile. A shag rug with a deep pile can vastly improve a living space, however, a deep pile rug will require more upkeep than a shag rug that possesses a shallow pile. It is advisable to research pile types. This will help you pick out a shag rug that improves your living space.

Quality Considerations

A quality floor covering will contain colorfast materials that can withstand foot traffic and laundering. Decide the reasons for adding new rugs to your home. If you want to set up an attractive television viewing area, for instance, the addition of several shag rugs can promote the homey vibe that you are seeking.

If you want to provide your children with a comfortable area to play with their toys, the addition of a large shag rug can help you create a safe and cozy area where your loved ones can play with their favorite toys. 

Reviewing the manner in which a particular manufacturer mass produces shag rugs will guide you in choosing a shag rug product that will work well for your lifestyle.

Care Techniques

Shag rugs need to be vacuumed and cleaned like any other fabric floor covering in your home. Whether your new shag rugs are handmade or factory-made will influence the cleaning techniques that need to be conducted. Review the care requirements for any shag rug product that interests you.

The use of a vacuum and a cleaning agent will reduce allergens and other contaminants that can become embedded deep within your shag rug's pile. The underside (backing) of your new shag rug should be disinfected as needed. The use of an antimicrobial spray will eliminate germs and ensure that your floor covering is sanitary.

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