Promotional Glassware To Hand Out To Your Clients

Posted on: 14 January 2022

When you're thinking about what promotional products you can get customized with your company's logo and name in advance of handing them out to clients, it's generally a good idea to move forward with products that people will use more frequently. There are all sorts of options that fit this description, and it can be fun to browse a promotional products company's website to evaluate your options. Virtually all of these companies will have numerous types of glassware available for customization, and there may be a few specific glassware products that you feel will work well for your business. Here are three options to get customized.

Pint Glass

If you know that some of your clients enjoy drinking beer — perhaps because you've gone out for drinks with them while working on business tasks together — a custom pint glass that is engraved with your company's branding information can make for a good gift. A client may often reach for this glass when they want to enjoy a beer at home in the months and years ahead. Even if someone doesn't drink beer, a pint glass can be a product that gets a lot of use. Its size and shape can make it appealing for drinking water, soft drinks, and even milk.

Champagne Glass

While most champagne glasses don't have any branding information on them, this type of glassware can be a good option to use as a promotional tool. The tall, narrow shape of a champagne glass can work well for certain companies' logos. Alternatively, you can get your name engraved vertically on the glass. When it comes to distributing these glasses to clients, you can do so to celebrate the closing of a business deal. For example, upon completing a deal, you can drop off a couple of these glasses and a bottle of champagne to your client.

Glass Mug

A large glass mug can be another good option to consider when you're choosing promotional glassware. The size of this product often means that there is lots of space for your branding information. For example, you might put your name on one side of the glass and your logo on the other. You may even have the option of having your information put on the bottom of the glass so that your clients will see it as they take their last sip. Large mugs can be an appealing choice for all sorts of beverages, which means that your clients may reach for their glassware often.

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