Shop For Supplies Needed To Set Up An Altar

Posted on: 30 June 2021

Herbs, crystals, oils, and cards can be used while casting spells or during solo meditation sessions. If you have chosen to use an altar, shop for the materials needed to set one up.

The Location And The Altar Type

A windowsill, a corner of a room, or a table can be used to support your altar. The setting should be one that you consider calming and should be free of clutter, electronics, and any other item that could be distracting to you. Many witchcraft suppliers sell hand-carved tables and chests.

An altar table will be a miniature replica of a larger table. This type of item can be set directly on top of an elevated surface or can remain on the flooring within the room where you will cast spells and meditate. If you choose a cabinet-style altar, you will be supplied with interior storage space. This type of altar will allow you to keep your witchcraft supplies organized and dry.

Some cabinets may contain locks. If you want your witchcraft supplies to be off-limits to others within your household, a keyless or keyed locking system will keep your items secure. If you prefer to purchase a table-like structure, a table runner will protect the surface of the alter. If you plan on lighting candles while casting spells or meditating, shop for a table runner that is flame retardant.

The Supplies

Dry and fresh herbs, incense cones and sticks, essential oils, crystals, and oracle cards can be used independently or simultaneously. If you will be following some spells and rituals that are outlined in a witchcraft book, review the materials that you will need for the applications that you will be using.

An organizer that contains small plastic or glass jars can be used to store dry herbs. A wooden canister can be used to store oblong items, such as a magic wand or long incense sticks. Purchase a candle that can be used as the focal point of your altar. A scented or unscented candle variety can be used for this purpose.

A snuffer is a tool that you can use to put out lit candles. Shop for a metal snuffer that complements the style of the other witchcraft materials that you will be purchasing. If the area where you will be practicing witchcraft contains a lot of natural light and you would like to darken the space, buy some curtains or window film. Either item will add privacy to the area where your altar will ultimately be located.

To start setting up your alter, check out local or online witchcraft supplies dealers.


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