Do You Need To Pack Light For An Upcoming Trip? 3 Reasons Why A Cropped Sweater Is Perfect For Traveling

Posted on: 29 December 2020

Packing for a trip often requires you to make strategic choices about your clothing. While you might prefer to bring your whole wardrobe, the truth is that you will likely need to pack lightly to avoid extra baggage fees or overfilling your vehicle. You might also prefer to pack fewer clothes to keep your suitcase lighter if you have to do a lot of walking from your drop-off location to where you'll stay. When you need to be selective about what you pack, finding clothing that can fit multiple purposes is essential. Choosing to pack a cropped sweater provides you with these three options that make it possible to maximize how much you can wear your favorite new versatile top.

Pair With High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans are a hot trend right now that you can dress up or down. A sweater with a shorter hem lets you show off the features of your jeans such as multiple buttons, and the cropped top accentuates the slenderness of your waist. Wearing a sweater with high-waisted jeans is a look that you can wear with confidence to a restaurant dinner or as you tour the local tourist attractions. 

Create a Breezy Look With Shorts

Finding tops to wear with shorts can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you don't want to wear a plain old t-shirt. A cropped sweater adds a touch of class to a pair of shorts, and it can even be worn as a coverup for your swimsuit at the beach. A sweater with long sleeves can help you stay warm when the evening temperatures start to drop, yet the shorter hem also helps you to stay cool during the hotter parts of the day. This makes your new sweater the perfect choice for those day trip excursions where you might need to quickly be able to adjust to changes in your environment without having to go back to your hotel.

Enhance Your Workout Clothes

Being able to stay on top of your workouts as you travel is important for helping you to stay healthy and energetic. Do you plan to visit the gym at your hotel? If so, a crop top gives you a handy shirt to throw over your sports bra and leggings as you walk through common areas. This also works perfectly for those lovely jogs through natural areas in your destination or for staying warm during the cooler part of a morning hike. Tossing your new sweater in your day bag gives you an easy way to transition from working out to enjoying lunch at a cafe without doing a complete wardrobe change.

Reach out to a local clothing store for more information about cropped sweaters.


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