Nervous About Germs? 3 Ways To Explore Local Arts Online

Posted on: 14 September 2020

In 2020, you simply can't be too careful about protecting yourself and your family. With the fast, uncompromising spread of COVID-19 and the normal cold and flu season coming up, you may be ready to get outside and enjoy new things but apprehensive about the germs you may come in contact with. Fortunately, you can prevent the spread of germs by immersing yourself in local culture from the comfort of your own home. Here are three ways to explore local arts online. 

1. Try Virtual Museum Tours

Museums are collections of exciting things to see, but they can also have more than a few people, which could expose you to germs. If you want to enjoy everything museums have to offer without the hit to your immune system, try a virtual museum tour. 

Virtual museum tours are often self-guided, giving you the chance to explore sections of the museum you find interesting. By simply clicking on part of a floorplan, you can learn all about the different works, and explore beautiful close-ups of the items. Online museum tours also make it easy to see any productions about the displays, helping you to take your own personal tour at your own pace. 

2. Explore Artist's Websites and Social Media Pages

If you aren't that interested in seeing an entire museum, check out artist's individual websites and social media pages. These interesting pages give you the chance to check out what they have been doing, including exploring their latest works. Additionally, you may be able to find their online store, making it a breeze to invest in works of art you find interesting. 

3. Watch Locally Produced Films Online 

Another incredible way to immerse yourself in the local culture is by checking out independently made films. Look around online to see which artists are creating films, and see if there is a way to watch the movie or show online. You may be able to explore great films you have never heard of before, lending support to those artists during the dry spell this virus has created. 

Whether you want to check out Utah local arts and events or see what New York City has to offer, one of the best things about online events is that you can see what different areas have to offer--without having to deal with any travel. As you look around for events in your area, don't be shy about exploring other cities. You never know what might inspire you. 


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