Are You Ready To Get A Head Start On Your Holiday Gifts? 4 Fun Ideas For Using Christmas SVG Files

Posted on: 29 January 2020

Your favorite cutting machine has all kinds of uses, and you may love watching how you can take an image from the computer and turn it into an awesome work of art. As a crafter, one of the things that you may look forward to all year long is working on projects that you can give to the people that you love during seasonal events. This year, you can combine technology with your knack for handcrafts by using these four fun ideas that use Christmas SVG files to make fun and functional gifts.

Make Matching T-Shirts

You can take the ugly sweater theme to a new level by making everyone matching t-shirts. Depending upon the crowd, you can look for a silly image to print out and iron on to the shirts, or you could go with something traditional. This is a great gift idea for times when you have a large group to think about, such as your family or coworkers. You'll also love how great this gift looks if everyone throws them on for group pictures.

Give a Customized Mug

Mugs are one of those gifts that you just know someone will use. Whether your gift recipient loves coffee or is more into hot tea, they'll enjoy having a special mug to use that makes them think of you. Consider adding their name to the Christmas SVG file, or you could just go with one big and bold image that you know will make them smile each morning.

Create Themed Wall Art

Home decor items are another thoughtful gift idea that is perfect for anyone you know that has just moved into a new home during the past year. Wall art is also great for people who need a little something to add to the decor of their office. You can cut out the images and place them on a wooden pallet piece to create a rustic wall sign that is ideal for people who use a country farmhouse theme for their Christmas decor. Alternatively, you could put the art on a canvas for a more traditional look.

Get Creative With Tote Bags

This year, consider ditching the wrapping paper and giving everyone their gifts in a personalized tote bag. This gift within a gift is ideal for creating a huge impression on your recipient. The best part is that a custom tote bag looks impressive when it really as simple as printing out the image and applying it to the tote.


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