Why You Should Wear Socks With Casual Loafers

Posted on: 9 December 2019

If you make a point of noticing men who wear casual loafers, you'll often see that they aren't wearing any socks. This look can be a popular one, but it's not the only option if you want to wear casual loafers with any type of pants. There are many advantages to wearing socks with your loafers. Of course, if you're opting for stylishly short pants, you'll want to pick socks that have a complementary appearance to both your loafers and your pants. Otherwise, the socks can be an eyesore. Here are some reasons to pair socks with casual footwear, like loafers.

Offers More Comfort

Casual loafers can definitely feel comfortable when you wear them with bare feet, but this good feeling might not be immediate. It can take time to break in a pair of casual loafers and, until you do, you may develop some small blister on your toes and other areas of your feet. There's little doubt that when you wear socks with your casual loafers, you'll get to enjoy more foot comfort. This is true not only when you're breaking in the loafers, but also each time that you wear the footwear.

Makes Them Easier To Get On And Off

If you're someone who deals with sweaty feet, you may find that getting the loafers on and off when your feet are bare can be a challenge. Most people enjoy footwear that they can slip on and off quickly and with minimal effort, but you may find that dealing with the shoes when your feet are bare is a little more labor intensive than you might like. This can be true even if your feet aren't sweaty. Socked feet have a way of sliding in and out of loafers with considerable ease.

Helps You To Avoid Barefoot Situations

You might be wary of wearing your casual loafers over your bare feet because of situations in which you may need to take off your shoes. For example, if you visit a friend's house with this footwear situation, it might feel weird for you to remove your shoes at the door and then go around the friend's house in your bare feet. It can be a hassle to carry a pair of socks with you to change into in such a scenario. When you decide to wear socks with your loafers, you'll avoid such a problem when you visit other peoples' homes.


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