Have An Adult Ice Skating Competition? How To Look Your Best

Posted on: 14 August 2019

If you are an adult female ice skater, then you know just how competitive the business can be. Whether you mostly skate for fun or you're trying to qualify for the Olympics, it's important that you look your best every time you are out on the rink. Although your number one priority should be to get down all of the choreography so that you can skate well, you should also ensure that you look good while you're out there. What can you do to make sure you look your best? This article will take a closer look at a few tips for you to consider. 

Get a Spray Tan

Spray tans have come a long way. As something that used to make people look really orange and fake, spray tans now look more natural than ever, and you can have control of how much color you get. Getting a spray tan before your competition will help you add some color to your skin and may make you feel a little bit more confident in your competition outfit. 

Get a Custom Skating Outfit

Yes, you can buy a skating competition outfit off the rack at just about any skate shop, but you may run the risk of showing up to your competition wearing the same thing as someone else. Instead, have a custom skating competition outfit made for you. When you have your outfit custom made, it will fit your body perfectly -- you can also pick the fabric and colors so that it goes along with all of your choreography. For instance, if you are doing a Disney princess-themed dance, then you can have a costume made that will reflect your theme. Companies like n'Ice Fashions can offer more information.

Get Your Hair Done

Your hair may not be the focal point of your skating outfit, but you want to make sure that it is put together. Not only do you want to have your hair colored and cut beforehand, but you should also hire someone to do it for you for the competition. If up-dos aren't necessarily in style, you can have a hairstylist do a fun braid with extensions or a really high ponytail so that it's out of your face. 

Looking your best will help you feel better about your performance during your next ladies skating competition. To make sure that you show up feeling as confident as ever, keep these three things in mind. 


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