Buying A Vape-Friendly Gift? 3 Things To Look For

Posted on: 13 June 2019

If you have a friend that's big into vaping, then what makes a better gift to give them than something that involves vape? Before you head to the vape shop and buy them just about anything on the shelf, this article will list three different things that you should look for. Are you ready to learn some more? If so, then read on. 

1. Flavored Vape Juice

Rather than gifting your friend just regular vape juice, get your friend some flavored vape juice. Flavored vape juice is thicker than regular vape juice, which some people like, and it has a sweet flavor to it. Having a sweet flavor added to the nicotine is something that a lot of people want to have, especially on a special occasion. If your friend has never tried flavored vape juice before, then ask the vape shop if they have a small container that they can try first before you spend a lot of money on something they may never use. 

2. A Vape Necklace

Is your friend the type of person who is always losing their vape? Does it seem like before you ever go out that they have to spend at least 10 minutes trying to find it? If so, then look for a vape necklace at the vape shop. Vape necklaces are just small pouches that they can put their vape device in so that it doesn't get lost. Plus, these necklaces are designed to fit both men and women, so they don't look too feminine. 

3. A Vape Pen

A lot more people are like vape pens rather than regular vaping devices because they are smaller and more discreet. If your friend works in a professional setting, then a vape pen is a must because they will be able to conceal it with their regular pens, slip it in the pocket of their dress shirt, or put it in a small purse when they are on their lunch break. Plus, vape pens come in all different types of metal finishes including silver, gold, rose gold, and matte black. 

If you are like to vape, then finding a gift for your friend will be a lot easier because you are familiar with the vape culture. If, however, you don't vape, then you may be a little confused by what you should gift your friend. Consider these things when you go into a vape shop to buy them a gift. 


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