Are You Designing A Unique Living Room?

Posted on: 2 January 2019

Is your first goal for 2019 to design a unique living room in your home? Perhaps it has stood empty for quite some time simply because you were buying furniture for the other rooms in your house. After all, having beds to sleep in and a table for eating meals might take precedence over buying furniture for a room that is not used as often, right? From selecting unique pieces of furniture to buying a vintage Moroccan rug, here are some ideas that might help you. to design an attractive room that you and your friends will enjoy for many years.

Unique Pieces Of Furniture - If you want to step aside from tradition, you might be wanting to establish an eclectic feeling in your living room. If that's the case, you are more than likely in for some very fun shopping. Rather than having a set plan on which furniture pieces you want, consider going shopping with the idea that you can pull together a great room even with furniture pieces that don't match.

For example, you might find a great sofa that has a paisley pattern for the upholstery fabric. At a different store, you might find antique rocking chairs that you know you'll want in front  of the sofa that you already selected. At yet another store you might find a trunk that was used for traveling. That trunk might turn out to be perfect for your coffee table. Trust your eye for decorating and shop with confidence. 

Unique Accent Pieces - As you go from store to store, you might fall in love with a vintage Moroccan rug. Or, before you began shopping, you might have even decided that a Moroccan rug would be the focal point of your living room decorating project. That very idea might have been what led you to choose an eclectic mood for your living room. Moroccan rugs come in so many designs and colors that you might have trouble selecting only one.

Consider buying a vintage Moroccan rug of many different colors. If you want something understated, choose one in neutral colors but that has a predominate color in the design. If you want a dramatic look in your eclectic living room, consider choosing a vintage Moroccan rug that has bold colors in its design. Don't worry about upholstery patterns fighting the pattern in your Moroccan rug. In reality, the patterns will more than likely complement each other. 


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