Choose A New Piano For Your Practice Room

Posted on: 30 October 2018

If you received formal piano lessons as a young adult and have used your talent to help you a land a job as an accompanist for a group of performers, you may be mulling over the idea of purchasing a piano so that you can practice playing while at home. A new piano will not only be a fine addition musically, but will also add a hint of class to a beautifully decorated room that is designated for your piano practice.

Choose The Size And Style Of The Piano

Upright, console, and digital models, as well as grands and baby grands, are some of the types of pianos that you may see when scrutinizing what is on display at a piano gallery or musical emporium. It can be overwhelming to try to pick out your favorite model among the sea of possibilities. It's a good idea to select the size of the instrument first.

Do you have a large room where the piano will be housed, or do you plan on playing for a live audience from time to time? If you answer yes to these, then a larger, more prominent model may be your wish. Of course, a larger model could also mean a larger price tag.

If you are going to be practicing by yourself and aren't intrigued by showing off your talents from the confines of the room in which your piano is set up, then maybe an upright or console model would be a better option for you.

Uprights and consoles are both beautiful piano types, are fairly popular with new and seasoned piano players, and will still produce rich tones and lighthearted melodies. Additionally, a smaller piano could be less expensive than a larger model.

Select A Color And Sample Each Instrument

Do you like rich mahogany, or is pristine white more appealing to your senses? These aren't the only two colors in which pianos are available, but they are two of the standard hues that you can choose from.

One last thing to consider, which is also one of the most important points, is the functionality and sound of the instrument. Don't be timid when it comes to testing out the models that you are interested in.

It is important that you are comfortable while seated at a piano and are fond of the sounds that are produced as you press the keys. Be sure to let a salesperson know that you are interested in testing out some of the pianos and they will accommodate you accordingly. 


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