How To Create The Perfect Backyard Movie Theater

Posted on: 2 October 2017

When you cannot afford to build onto your home and add an entire home theater room, why not create the perfect outdoor theater in your backyard? Many people have already done this, and with quite a bit of success. All you need is a laptop, a streaming subscription, a pull-down white screen, and a computer projector for the movies. As for the rest of the movie theater experiences, add the following.

Look for a Popcorn Machine for Sale

Do not make popcorn in a microwave and bring it outside. That is not true movie theater popcorn. Instead, look for a popcorn machine for sale, like the commercial poppers used to make popcorn at carnivals and fairs. Set that up outside and plug it in via extension cord to the garage to get the popcorn going about thirty minutes to show time. The smell of fresh hot popcorn on the air gets everyone excited about the outdoor theater experience.

Buy One of Those Make-Your-Own-Soda Machines

The make-your-own soda pop craze hit the market a few years back. You can still buy these machines, except now they are vastly improved and have dozens of soda and sparkling water flavors to choose from. They taste exactly like fountain sodas, which makes them ideal for your backyard movie house.

Do Not Forget the Hot Dog Roller Oven or the Cotton Candy Machine Either

If your family loves to eat an entire meal at the movies, do not forget to buy a hot dog roller oven and a cotton candy machine, too. Of course, you could always just light up the grill for a smokier flavored hot dog, burger or bratwurst, but there is no replacement for the cotton candy machine. The best part is that you can buy the cotton candy machine in just about any small appliance aisle in stores now.

You Will Need a Cover Too

If you want to enjoy movies in the backyard, rain or shine, you will need some shelter. Purchase an event tent to cover the rows of chairs you put in the space, as well as to protect the electronics. If you want, sew red velvet cloth to the inside waterproof panels of the tent to really give the space that old-timey movie theater atmosphere. While a lot of people love to watch movies under the stars, the truth is that no one is looking at the stars when watching the movie anyway.

Security Is Also a Necessity

You are dealing with pricey electronics in your backyard, namely your laptop and movie projector. If you want to keep them safe, but want them to stay in your backyard movie theater, lock them up in a safe inside the tent at the end of the viewing. A safe is too heavy for thieves to move. Then your electronics do not have to go into the house and back out again every time you want to show a film. Also consider installing security cameras around your property, which not only protect your movie space, but also the rest of your property.

Various Other Accoutrements

That pretty much covers it. If there are other little accessories or items you want for your backyard movie house, you can add what you like. Maybe you want a red carpet you can roll out for the family to follow from the house to the movie space. Maybe you want a candy counter with boxed candy just for fun. Perhaps to gain admission, the kids have to submit ticket credits they earned from doing weekly chores. Whatever your little heart desires and your mind dreams up can become part of this space.


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