Tips For Handling Sunlight From A Skylight

Posted on: 7 September 2017

Skylights are a nice decorative touch to a home, but there is a major issue with them. The windows are often associated with higher energy bills. Sunlight can flow through the windows and can cause the temperature in a room to increase considerably. In response to that, the cooling system in your home will likely operate more frequently than it normally would. There are several ways to avoid this scenario though.

Install Skylight Covers

A skylight cover fits over the window so that sunlight is blocked from entering the home. The cover is composed mainly of fabric, but is reinforced with metal to increase its durability. The covers are also treated so that they are flame retardant and resistant to mildew and fading.

The covers are available in a range of sizes and there is even an option to customize a cover to fit unusual dimensions. Although you can likely find a skylight covers in various colors, opting for a reflective color will help to reduce the warmth that is entering your home.

The covers are easy to install and can be removed once the winter months arrive. During the winter, you will want to take advantage of the sunlight to help keep your home warm. If you are buying a skylight cover, pay close attention to the warranty.

Cover the Window With a Reflective Film

Another option to reduce the glare and warmth that is entering your home through a skylight is to cover the window with an ultraviolet reflective film. The film is essentially the same as the tint that covers the windows in cars. The type of film you select has a bearing on how well you can see out of the window. For instance, if you opt for sputtered film, you would still retain a view of the outdoors while keeping the sunlight out.

Although the UV reflective film will help to keep out glare and warmth, it is not effective as other means, such as the skylight covers. There is also the added issue of requiring a professional installation. The film can easily bubble up or tear if it is not professionally installed. In addition to that, if you install the film yourself, there is no warranty for the workmanship available.

There are other ways to block the sunlight from your skylight. Before making your final decision, talk to a skylight cover rep from companies like SHAADS™ by Koti to learn more about that option and to explore others that are available to you. 


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