For A Special Parent, Create These Sweet Baby Gifts

Posted on: 15 August 2017

Give a special parent-to-be a gift that will not only help with their new arrival, but that will also be cherished. These baby shower gift ideas will convey your warmest wishes in a way that truly helps-out new parents and their bundles of joy.

Some thoughtful and clever gift ideas include:

Fill a car-seat. It is a great idea to buy a really useful and nice gift, like an infant car seat, and then to fill the seat with all the fun and cute items that a new baby might need. Wrap these gifts in tissue and fill the seat with these pretty packages.

Some goodies to tuck in the car-seat include these tiny treasures:

  • Colorful onesies or tee-shirts.
  • Rattles and squeaky-toys.
  • Small, child-safe plush toys.
  • Bottles, bibs, and pacifiers.
  • Diaper pins, wipes, and diapers.
  • A beautiful baby book, photo album, or frame. 

Make a diaper cake. Any new parent appreciates a gift of diapers, so use an online tutorial to make a diaper cake! These are whimsical and cute, and contain nearly 60 diapers for the recipient. These also make an awesome centerpiece or focal point for a shower or gathering.

Invest in the child's future. Another clever idea is to take the money that you were going to spend on a gift and do something for the child's future. Savings bonds are a great idea, as are minted currency sets or coins. These will mature in value over time, providing the child with resources later.

Target the new parents. Since the new child is the hit of the show, do something nice for the parents. Give them a gift that they can enjoy before or after baby arrives. There will be loads of gifts for the new baby; single-them out with something super-special!

Some ideas of practical and perfect presents are:

  • Gift certificates for local spas.
  • A night at an area hotel.
  • A meal-out.
  • A bottle of good wine.
  • A picnic basket full of goodies.
  • Housekeeping services.
  • His and hers massages.

Give special parents a gift that is as sweet as their tiny new bundle of joy; use these ideas to inspire you when shopping for the perfect baby shower or congratulatory gift. Visit online vendors to find infant car-seats, diapers, and baby goods that will bring a smile to the guest-of-honor's face! Look for sweet items and tiny treasures in gender-neutral colors that will fit any baby just right. 


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