4 Reasons To Buy Your Wedding Rings At The Local Pawn Shop

Posted on: 24 July 2017

If you're getting ready to buy wedding rings for you and your soon-to-be spouse, consider heading to the pawn shop to pick them out. Here are a few good reasons to do so:

You'll Save Money

One of the best reasons to consider buying your wedding rings at a local pawn shop is to save some money on the original purchase price of them. You should be able to find rings that look and feel brand new, yet come with a price tag that's just a fraction what they would cost at the jewelry store. And if you need to have the rings sized, cleaned, or repaired for some reason in the future, the pawn shop should be able to make your adjustments and save you some money over having to go to a jewelry store for the services.

You'll Have Custom Options

The ability to take advantage of custom options is another good reason to purchase your wedding rings at a pawn shop. Many rings you'll find available at the pawn shop have been customized by the original owners to include more diamonds, create new shapes, and even solder new bands to the overall design. This gives you an opportunity to score custom jewelry at a discounted rate that would have cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to customize yourself. You may even be able to have the pawn shop fuse two or more different bands together to create your own custom ring as long as they have the proper equipment to do so.

You Can Trade Up Later

Buying your wedding rings at a pawn shop like Pawn World should make it inexpensive to trade up to newer rings at a later date, because you'll get a credit for the rings you trade in and you'll get a great discounted deal for the rings you want to upgrade to. You can trade your old wedding rings in for new ones once a year if you wanted to!

You Can Borrow Against It

There may come a time in the future when you'll need some extra money to pay bills or take care of a financial emergency, in which case you can borrow against your wedding rings by taking them back to the pawn shop. They'll offer you a specific amount for them and if accepted, they'll give you the money and a certain amount of time to pay the loan back. Once the loan is paid back, you will get your rings back. If you were to pawn rings bought from the jewelry store, you'd likely only be offered a fraction of what they're worth compared to pawning rings that have already been pawned and sold to you before.


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