If You're Gonna Smoke, Smoke In Style!

Posted on: 19 June 2017

Smoking, albeit a health hazard, is not about to end any time soon. If you smoke tobacco, or if you smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes, you should at least smoke in style. The following products are some of the latest fun accessories to use with whatever it is you smoke.


These artistic glass pipes are very unique. Every one of them is hand-blown and artfully done by a glass artist. Colored glass is incorporated, including special glow-in-the-dark glass paints, to create glowpipes. If you lose a glow pipe, just turn out the lights and look for the glowing glass item. Many of them are also sculpted to look like spooky objects, such as skulls or ghouls. 

Glow Hookahs

If you like to smoke with friends, there are glow hookahs as well. Many of these are also glass and very ornate.  They can accommodate up to five or six smokers with attached wands and pipes, in case you are a germaphobe.

Bedazzaled Clips

When you get to the end of an unfiltered cigarette, there is nothing else to hold onto. Get a bedazzled "roach" clip to hold onto your cigarette butt and finish it properly. Since you pay a lot of money for your cigs, you should get every last puff you can out of them.

Incense Cups

Incense cups double as vapor cups. You can either use them to burn a stick of your favorite incense to fend off tobacco smells, or drop your favorite smoking material in the bottom, cover it up and then open to inhale deeply. They are flame-proof, so you never have to worry about setting them on a wood or cloth surface and accidentally starting a fire.

Lighters That Do Not Look Like Lighters

Lighters are so hard to find and keep track of, especially cheap stick lighters. When you have a really unique lighter, it adds something to your smoking experience and makes it impossible to lose. For example, a pistol that looks like a real pistol but is actually a lighter can be a lot of fun. It is also something that is difficult to walk off with since everyone would notice such an unusual item at a party.

There is a wide selection of unusual lighters offered by many smoke shops. Some you may need to refill with lighter fluid on your own, while others are meant to burn out. Still, they might prevent the frequent loss and theft of more common lighters, and they look quite stylish.


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